My daughter who has problems with her joints discovered Medistik

My daughter who has problems with her joints discovered Medistik. From childhood, she has been suffering with decreased kidney function, which is closely linked to her joint disorder. Because the pain in her joints intensified after giving birth, she decided to look for a non-invasive solution. My daughter's husband also started using Medistik as he has problems with his back from sitting long hours at the computer. They are both very satisfied with Medistik and decided to give me one as a present. I suffer with arthritis in both my knees and spinal osteoporosis. I have screws in my shoulder after an injury and whenever the weather changes, I experience pain and can hardly raise my arm. I keep saying that I have a weather gauge in my shoulder. Although I have tried different ointments with arnica and even cannabis upon recommendation, they did not seem to work for me. Only Medistik was able to relieve the pain, and the stick lasted for almost a year. I have also ordered more for a friend of mine to whom I recommended it. Medistik really pays off.

Anna S. from Brno